Polymer cement waterproof coating is mainly made of acrylic polymer emulsion and cement and other admixtures. It is a two-component waterproof coating. The product is a new generation of environmental protecting waterproof coating without solvent pollution, fire resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, nonpolluting; with excellent properties of polymer and-and mineral aging resistance, low softness, resilience, high cohesion, water-resistance and good crack resistance. The product can be used on the wet basis, with a certain gas permeability, high solid content, and good compatibility with other waterproof materials. Thus, it has the simple construction, security, short construction period, non-pollution. And it can firmly bond to other decorative materials, and it also can be used as the decorative material with pigment added in.

Area of Application

  • Water Tanks
  • Bathrooms, Balconies, Terraces
  • Swimming pools and pool decks
  • Water Features and ponds
  • Planter Boxes, Canopies
  • RCC Roof Terrace

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible, elastic & can bridge cracks
  • Accommodates flexible movements in suspended structures
  • Can be tiled over successfully
  • Bonds well to sound substrates
  • Ability to withstand heavy topping without fracture
  • Applied on damp walls and floors
  • Can be painted over with elastic paints
  • Hard and abrasion-resistant